PxPlus Dashboard

Examples - Web Service Widgets

Below are examples of Dashboard widgets created for each Web Service type:  Query, Chart, Report and Maintenance.

Query Service

The Query Service displays a list containing data from one or more linked files.

You can sort the data in ascending/descending order by clicking on the column headings. An up/down pointing arrow adjacent to the column heading indicates the sort order.

(Column sorting and table capability for Query Web Service were added in PxPlus 2016.)

Chart Service

The Chart Service displays a defined chart.


Report Service

The Report Service displays the contents of a defined Report Writer report.

Maintenance Service

The Maintenance Service generates an HTML form for user input with fields from a specified data table.

The generated form also includes the following:

First, Prior, Next, Last buttons

Used for browsing through inputted records, if they exist.

Find button

Uses the value entered in the Key field to locate a particular record.

Submit button

Updates the record and then clears the input fields.

Apply button

Creates the record but does not clear the input fields.

Delete button

Removes the record.

Reset button

Cancels any changes to the current record and then clears the input fields.

The fields are initially loaded with any default values defined in the data dictionary. If information is missing for a required field, a message displays when the Submit or Apply button is selected.