Folder Controls 

Tabless Folders


Tabless folders do not have a visible tab but only a frame surrounding the region (wizard style). The developer is responsible for setting up and programming browse buttons (Next/Prior) to control the display of the various folder tabs. The button logic would use the variable NEXT_FOLDER to activate a specific sub-panel.


Next_Folder =Fldr.panel1.ctl

Activating Tabless Folders

To activate tabless folders for the Folder control, follow these steps to set the properties in the Tabs/Folder Properties dialogue:



Select the Tabless Folder check box on the Display panel (same option is also on the Tabs panel).

When the Tabless Folder check box is selected, the Tabs options (Position, Width, Offset) and the Include Scroll Buttons check box will be locked.



Set up the panel names in the Tabs Definition grid on the Tabs panel. The remaining columns, including Title Format, Title text, Suppress if not found option, Fill Pattern and Fill Colors, are not required and will be locked.



On the Display panel, select the Frame Style that will appear around the folder region. The Frame Style can be a Fixed value or an Expression. Click the drop down arrow for a list of possible Fixed values: None, 3D Frame (default), Recessed Frame, Raised Frame and Top/Bottom line.