Maintaining Library Objects 

Print Panels Utility


The Print Panels utility is used to print reports that outline the contents of selected panels.

To invoke this utility, click the Print button on the Library Object Selection tool bar or select Options > Print on the menu bar.

The following window is displayed:

This window consists of the following:

Select Library

The currently selected library is loaded by default. Click the Query button to specify a different library file. Click the drop-down arrow for a list (up to nine) of previous selections.

Available Panels

Double-click or click the Add button to move a selected object to the Selected Panels list. Click the Add All button to move all objects listed.

Selected Panels

Listed panels are selected for printing. Double-click on a selected object or click the Drop button to remove. Click the Drop All button to remove all objects.


Displays the Print window for selecting print options.


Exits the Print Panels utility.