Webster+ Setup and Configuration

User Maintenance

When the security system in Webster+ is enabled, you will need to define the users who are allowed access to the system.

To run the User Maintenance utility, select Users from the top menu of the Webster+ system setup. The following window is displayed:

The maintenance program begins by displaying your user information. If you are part of the Admin group, the system will allow you to enter/edit other users; otherwise, you can only edit your own user information.

This window consists of the following:

User Name

A unique name used to identify a user and allow access to the system.

If this User Name is known, the system will fill in the fields with the current user information; otherwise, all the user information fields will be cleared.

User #

(Display Only) Internal user number assigned to the user.

User information

Additional user information:

First Name

User's first name.

Last Name

User's last name.


Password used to logon.

Re-enter Password

Re-enter the password to confirm it is correct.

Email Address

User's email address. This must be unique in the system, as this can also be used to logon.

Cell Phone Number

(Optional) Cell phone number used to send SMS messages.


(Optional) Company name.

Security Group

Security group assigned to the user.

Two-step Verification

Two-step verification setting to use when signing on (send SMS/Email to confirm sign on attempt). Click the drop-down arrow for a list of selections:

   Don't use
   Use on new device
   Always use

The option for two-step verification will not display unless the system has access to Email or SMS servers, as defined in the General Configuration.

See Email Settings and SMS (Text Messaging) Settings.


Check box used to block user access to the system. The user record is not deleted.

User status

(Display Only)

User created

Date and time when user was created.

Last signon

Date and time when user last signed on to the system.

Last known IP address

IP address used to connect to the system.

Email verified

Date and time when user confirmed email address.

SMS verified

Date and time when user confirmed SMS.

Pending two-step code

Displays code sent to user for two-step verification until user successfully logs on.

Invalid code attempts

Displays number of times user has entered an invalid code in an attempt to gain access.


Click this button to record the information for the user. The system will validate the information provided, including confirming that both passwords match.


Click this button to delete the user.


Reverts back to the previously saved information for the user.


Users cannot edit their own group, disable or delete themselves, regardless of the group to which they belong.