Toolkit for Conversion from Thoroughbred®

FINPUT Conversion and Processing

The PxPlus conversion utilities include logic to emulate the FINPUT directive found in more recent versions of Thoroughbred®. During the conversion, the system will scan your program lines looking for the FINPUT directive. If found, it will be replaced with a call to "*conv.tbd/finput".

FINPUT Program

The "*conv.tbd/finput" program provides run-time mapping of the FINPUT directive to the standard built-in INPUT EDIT directive.

Calling Sequence:

CALL "*conv.tbd/finput", channel, attributes$, editoptions$, timeoutvalue, variable$

These parameters directly relate to the corresponding parameters used in the FINPUT directive.


The "*conv.tbd/finput.cnv" program is invoked by the conversion process to parse and replace the FINPUT directive. It scans the original program statement and replaces the FINPUT directive with the appropriate CALL statement.




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