Toolkit for Conversion from ThoroughbredŽ

Step-by-Step Conversion Process

The process below outlines the methodology to convert program and data files (Direct, Indexed, Msort and Sort) to PxPlus.

Step 1: Build the Output File

Launch ThoroughbredŽ, load and run the program BUNDLTBD, which is found in the *conv.tbd directory.

The conversion program will prompt you for the following information.

Input directory

Enter the name of the directory/path that contains the ThoroughbredŽ programs and data files to be converted to PxPlus.

Output file

Enter the name of the flat text file that will be created and used to store a text image of the programs and data.

The file will be stored in the directory associated with "DEV D0". Default name for the file is bundltbd.dat.

The conversion program will then search the Input directory and any sub-directories for ThoroughbredŽ files. Each program or file found will be added to the Output file in text format.

There is an alternate program/option to build this output file. However, this program currently does not support MSORT files.

Start ThoroughbredŽ and merge in the program file "bundtbd.asc", which can be found in the *conv.tbd" directory and run it as follows:

>OPEN (1) "/pxplus/lib/_conv.tbd/bundltbd.asc"
>MERGE (1)
>CLOSE (1)

Then, follow the instructions for the prompts as noted above.

Step 2: Exit

Exit ThoroughbredŽ.

Step 3: Convert Programs and Rebuild Data Files

Start PxPlus and RUN "*conv.tbd/unbundle.tbd". You will be prompted for the following information:

Name of bundle file to convert

Enter the name of the Output Text File created in Step 1.

Name of log file (if desired)

Enter the name of a flat text file that will receive a list of any errors detected. Default name for the file is bundltbd.log.

Output prefix

Enter the directory where the converted PxPlus programs and data files will be created.

Step 4: Review the Error Log

When the conversion has finished, review the output of the conversion log for any errors that occurred during the conversion process.

For the most part, the conversion will be able to convert the majority of your programs with few, if any, errors.

The conversion routine will replace several ThoroughbredŽ functions with global functions that are defined in a program called '*conv.tbd/function.def'. This program should be CALLed from the START_UP program to make the functions globally available to the converted application.

The supplied START_UP program in the *conv.tbd directory has an example of how to define these global functions. Note that if you plan to use this START_UP program, it needs to be placed in your starting current directory and be called "START_UP" on UNIX systems (uppercase required).




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