'+S' & '-S'

Substitute Solid Lines On/Off

Behaviour or GUI Printer


Substitute Solid Lines: '+S'

Do Not Substitute: 


When you use '+S', PxPlus automatically replaces two or more occurrences of the _ (underscore), - (dash) or = (equals sign) with solid underlines in graphics mode when printing to *WINPRT*. This only applies to fields that are printed separately. (Primarily for use in legacy code where these characters were used in place of solid lines.) Use '-S' to disable '+S'.

This is not for use on display devices.

See Also

*WINPRT* Windows Printing


0010 dim A$(10,"_"),B$(10,"-"),C$(10,"=")
0020 let CHAN=unt; open (CHAN,err=*end)"*winprt*"
0030 print (CHAN)'font'("MS Sans Serif",1),'DF',
0040 print (CHAN)'-S',@(0),A$,@(12),B$,@(24),C$
0050 print (CHAN)'+S',@(0),A$,@(12),B$,@(24),C$
0060 print (CHAN)@(0),A$+" "+B$+" "+C$

In this example, PxPlus will only print solid lines when it executes line 0050. It will neither print solid lines for line 0040 (with '-S') nor for line 0060 (where the string expression does not exclusively contain underscores, dashes and/or equals signs).