System Parameters


Get_File_Box List Delimiter


The 'GS' parameter is used to define the character to be returned between each of the filenames and directory name by the GET_FILE_BOX directive when returning multiple file names.

The value in this parameter can be initialized by defining GetFileDelim=nnn in the [Config] section of your INI file.

The default for this parameter (TAB) is not compatible with the older ProvideX software, which uses a comma; cannot be altered and can cause problems for filenames, which do contain commas. If you wish to use the same delimiter as ProvideX, you will need to set this parameter to 44.

(The 'GS' system parameter was added in PxPlus v8.01, build 9181.)


Default setting is 9 (TAB) unless overridden in the INI file.

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