Data Dictionary Maintenance

Filtering the Table Names Lookup

The Lookup Table Names dialog displays a tree view list of all table names in the data dictionary according to Group. This dialog is launched when clicking the Query Table View button (magnifying glass) to search for a table name, as in Data Dictionary Maintenance for example.

As of PxPlus 2018, the capability to filter this list by Table Name, Table Description or Column Name has been added to make it easier to locate a specific table name.

The Lookup Table Names dialog consists of the following:

(Tree View)

Initially displays a list of all tables, including descriptions, in the data dictionary according to Group. Any tables not assigned to a particular Group are listed under -none- in the tree view.

(The table descriptions were added in PxPlus 2023.)

Filter By

Used to define the filter criteria to be applied to the list of table names.

Available selections are Table Name (Default), Table Description or Column Name (name of data element).

Available operands are Contains (Default), Equals, Starts with or Ends with.

Type a filter value in the adjacent input control. Click the Apply button.


Applies the defined filter criteria to the list of table names.


(Available Only When Filter is Applied)

Clears the filter value entered and reloads the list of table names. This button is displayed when a filter has been applied.

Expand All

Expands all the groups listed in the tree view to display the table names assigned to each group.


Selects the highlighted table name.


Closes the Lookup Table Names dialog.