Folder Controls 

Auto Detection of Folder Tabs


Specific folder tabs can be set to be suppressed at run time. This allows folder controls to be created with extra sub-panels that only appear when the sub-panel exists in the installed library file; e.g. a folder tab marked as Extensions or Custom Fields.

The Suppress if not found property prevents a tab from being drawn if the specified panel is not found in the library. If this check box is not selected and the associated panel is not found, then the tab will be drawn along with a blank folder region. The purpose for this feature is to allow folder controls to be created with optional sub-panels that can be omitted where they do not apply; e.g. panels with user-specific fields, customized panels, etc.

With Suppress if not found selected, if one or less sub-panels exist, the folder will be drawn as a Tabless Folder (a frame around the folder area and no tab).

Defining Auto Detection

The two steps for defining auto detection of folder tabs are:



Select the Suppress if not found check box in the Tabs Definition grid of the Tabs/Folder Properties dialogue for the Folder control.




Set the Frame Style in the Tabs/Folder Properties dialogue (on Display panel). The Frame Style can be a Fixed value or an Expression.

Click the drop down arrow for a list of possible Fixed values: None, 3D Frame (default), Recessed Frame, Raised Frame and Top/Bottom line.

If using an Expression, the expression can contain one of five possible values:



No Frame Required



3D Frame



Recessed Frame



Raised Frame



Top/Bottom Line


If the expression is %frametype$, setting %frametype$="3" results in a recessed frame being drawn around the folder region.

Frame Style is only used if (at run time) only one sub-panel exists.