Resizing and Persistence 

Panel Persistence


NOMADS panel persistence makes it possible to save panel size and location information on the termination of a panel and to restore that panel to the same size and location the next time it is created.

This applies only to dialogues and query objects. Panel persistence is not available via Test Mode in the Panel Designer.

Activating Panel Persistence

To enable panel persistence at run time, your application must CALL or PERFORM the PxPlus program *winpnl or set %NOMADS'Panel_Info_Prog$="*winpnl". See %NOMAD_Panel_Info_Prog$. This program saves and retrieves panel information via the data file panel.inf located in the *win directory. Doing this turns On panel persistence system-wide.

You may use a program other than *winpnl to store and retrieve panel information. If you choose to write your own program, load the %NOMAD_Panel_Info_Prog$ variable with the name of the program that will read and write the panel information to a file. The program will be called and must have two entry points: GET_PANEL_INFO, which retrieves the stored location and size of the specified panel, and SAVE_PANEL_INFO, which stores the location and size of the specified panel to a disk file. Details of the CALL syntax and the required arguments can be found by listing *winpnl.

Suppressing Panel Persistence

By default, when panel persistence is turned On, it affects all dialogue panels and queries. However, there may be certain instances when the desired location of a panel (or query) is the one that was specified in the original panel (or query) definition. In these instances, panel persistence can be overridden. To do this, several methods are available.

Dialogue panels can sometimes be defined with Relative positioning, which causes a panel to be placed in a specific location in relation to the parent panel at run time. For these panels, the preference may be to maintain relative positioning. In these cases, panel persistence can be overridden by setting the %NOMADS'RelPnl_Suppress_Persistence property. Available settings are:



Panel persistence is not suppressed (Default)



Suppress panel persistence (location & size)



Suppress location persistence only (panel size persists)

For any dialogue panel defined with Relative, Absolute or Centered positioning, persistence can be controlled at the panel level by setting the Panel Persistence attribute in Panel Header Properties. Available settings are:


Default (based on %NOMADS'Panel_Info_Prog$ and %NOMADS'RelPnl_Suppress_Persistence settings). See Note below.


Suppress persistence (location & size)


Suppress location persistence only

The Panel Persistence setting in Panel Header Properties overrides the %NOMADS'RelPnl_Suppress_Persistence setting for panels with Relative positioning only.

Suppressing Query Persistence

Panel persistence can be suppressed for Queries (for Query+ and Classic Query) on a system-wide basis by setting the %NOMADS'Query_Suppress_Persistence property. The settings for this property are the same as for the %NOMADS'RelPnl_Suppress_Persistence property above:



Do not suppress persistence (if set) (Default)



Suppress persistence (location/size of query will be the original location/size)



Suppress location persistence (location will be the original location, but size will persist if changed)

(Support for suppressing panel and query persistence was added in PxPlus 2019.)