Customizing PxPlus

START_UP Initialization Program


The START_UP initialization program allows for the preloading of variables and/or files, the setting of various PxPlus system parameters, and the implementation of a security system. During the initialization process for an application, PxPlus executes the system start-up program *start.up, which, in turn, calls the user-developed program START_UP, if it exists.

START_UP must be physically located in the Start-In (HWD) directory for it to be read during initialization. If it is not defined (in the correct directory), no initialization will be performed; however, an initialization program other than START_UP can be assigned using PVXSTART.

Some typical uses of a START_UP program include:


Below is a sample START_UP program:

0010 ! Sample START_UP program
0050 SET_PARAM 'SZ'=400,'CE','PC'=10
0070 END

%NOMADS Object

The START_UP program can be used to instantiate the %NOMADS object. The *obj/nomads (%NOMADS) object was created to hold NOMADS and iNomads-based parameters and settings. Its purpose was to use property settings to replace the global variables prefixed with %NOMAD_ or %NOMADS_ that had generally been used to control the behaviour of different aspects of the NOMADS environment.

The following example contains some sample lines from a START_UP program using the %obj/nomads class:

X=NEW("*obj/nomads") !Instantiate the %NOMADS object
This is the same as:
%NOMAD_QRY_ BTN$="{!16X16/Buttons/Help}"

See %NOMADS Properties for information on the *obj/nomads class and a list of available %NOMADS properties.

If the NOMADS Environment Maintenance utility was used to set the values for any %NOMADS properties, those settings will automatically be applied each time the %NOMADS object is instantiated.

If instantiation of the %NOMADS object is done within the START_UP program, any property values that have been set using the NOMADS Environment Maintenance utility will be applied automatically on START_UP. Following that, a property value may still be subject to change if the START_UP contains subsequent lines to set a %NOMADS variable.

If instantiation is not done within the START_UP program, then the property values will be applied after the START_UP program has been executed.

Running Applications from Initialization

Once the initialization program has completed execution, PxPlus will load and run a lead program, if specified on the command line. The LPG system variable can be used to determine the name of the lead program.

The initialization procedure should not execute the application directly.

Attempting to run an application within START_UP causes PxPlus to incorrectly report application errors. PxPlus internally does a CALL "START_UP" when initializing PxPlus. Doing a RUN within the initialization procedure will prevent START_UP from terminating and will not let the initialization process conclude. It also causes PxPlus programs to run 1 level deeper than normal.

This also affects the use of the WindX thin-client to connect via *NTHOST/*NTSLAVE or the Application Server, as well as spawning processes via *WINDX.UTL;SPAWN or *SERVER;SPAWN.

For information on START_UP Initialization issues, see Troubleshooting.