Resizing and Persistence 

Resizing Input Controls


This feature in NOMADS allows users to resize specific input-style Panel Controls at run time by simply dragging their edges. List Box, Drop Box, Multi-Line and Grid controls all qualify as resizable. The cursor will automatically change to a resize pointer when it is within four pixels from the edge of the selected control.

Most input controls can be expanded both vertically and horizontally; however, drop boxes and multi-lines that are one line high can only be expanded horizontally. Standard and Formatted list boxes should have their No Height Adjustment attribute turned On to prevent the bottom of the list box from 'fluttering' when the size is adjusted and to give a true indication of the bottom edge.

To activate object resizing at the panel level, check the Size Adjustment property in the Panel Header.

To activate at the application level, set the global variable %NOMAD_OBJECT_RESIZE=1. The global variable takes precedence over the Panel Header setting. See NOMADS Variables.

When the panel itself is resized, individual objects that have been resized using this feature will be reset to their original dimensions. Then, they will be resized based on Panel Resizing.