Conversion Utilities

Toolkit for Conversion from Thoroughbred®

This section outlines the steps required to convert an existing Thoroughbred® application to PxPlus. The toolkit described herein is located in the *conv.tbd directory and consists of a number of programs, which convert the programs and data files.

The *conv.tbd directory will be found in the lib directory where PxPlus was installed along with the various other system utilities, the system will replace the asterisks ( * ) with underscores ( _ ). For the purposes of this documentation, it is assumed that PxPlus has been installed in /pxplus thus *conv.tbd will be in /pxplus/lib/_conv.tbd.

This section covers the following topics:

Contents of *conv.tbd Directory

Step-by-Step Conversion Process

Prepass Conversion Files

Converting Data Files

Converting the Data Dictionary

IPLINPUT and TERMINAL File Conversion

FINPUT Emulation

The following system parameters setting should be reviewed when running converted programs:

A few additional PxPlus specific features can also help:


INPUT @(5,5),X$:(YES$ =1000, NO$ =2000)




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