System Parameters


BBx Emulation


Sets the system to BBx emulation mode.

Setting or resetting this parameter will affect a variety of other system parameters to establish an environment that is fundamentally compatible with running programs designed for BBx.

The system parameters affected by setting the 'BX' system parameter are as follows:






Indicates that the system should auto-dimension arrays when used in assignments and the array size can be determined due to usage.



Sets the base number to one for level and window identifiers. 



Sets binary test for serial files on first read. If a size is indicated (ISZ=option), then the file is treated as binary. Otherwise, the file is treated as record-oriented.



This parameter defines the base year for the JUL( ) and DTE( ) functions. By setting this parameter to zero, the JUL( ) and DTE( ) functions operate under the Julian calendar where day 0 is around 4713 BC.



Checks the current directory first before checking the prefix list for a file.



Sets destructive cursor. (Moving from left to right replaces intervening characters with spaces up to the new cursor position).



Sets EXECUTE directive to affect the program at level 0, thus commands that would alter the program contents will alter the program at the top level of the execution stack.



Defines the format of information returned by the FID( ) function to return a BBx style format.



Allows the program to access substring (0,0) of an empty string without generating an error. Normally, accessing offset 0 of a string will result in an Error #47.



Special Keyed file I/O module for BBx emulation mode.

When On, the KEP( ) function returns the key of the record just read instead of the key of the record prior the record just read. In addition, specifying KNO= on any of the KEY( ) functions will not switch key numbers; only the KNO= on a READ will switch the current key number.



To have the MOD( ) function always return a positive number, even when dealing with negative numbers.



Prevents intermediate rounding on division. (This only affects division, not other operations such as multiplication.)



Sets the PGM( ) function to return the original program name as opposed to the resolved program pathname.



When a START command includes the name of a program to run, the system will effectively only execute a BEGIN and then RUN the program specified.



Enables automatic rounding of numeric data when processed by the STR( ) function.



Prevents 'WINDOW' and 'DIALOGUE' boxes from being automatically dropped when you use a BEGIN (or END in Command mode) or a CLOSE.



Sets extended file mode where the channels range from 1 - 32767 for local files and 32768 - 65000 for global files.

In addition to the above, the following logic changes are controlled by the setting of the 'BX' system parameter:


Off - PxPlus is in standard mode.

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