IT - Integrated Toolkit™

Projects Manager


The Projects Manager assists developers in keeping track of the various tasks used in the development of business applications by grouping programs, libraries and screens into projects. See Working with Projects.

The Projects display allows the developer to open the item by double clicking on the item in the list. Clicking on a program loads the program into the Program Editor. Clicking on a NOMADS panel opens the panel in the NOMADS Panel Designer for editing. Clicking on a library (NOMADS Object Library or Program Library) opens the library maintenance utility specific for the type of library selected. For an explanation of the library types, see Library Manager.

Tasks that can be added to projects include NOMADS library objects (i.e. windows, dialogs, popup menus, queries), programs, Report Writer reports, data files and data dictionary entries.

For information on adding tasks to projects, see Project Maintenance and Adding Tasks to Projects from Other Locations.

As of PxPlus 2014, Workspaces has been renamed to Projects.