PxPlus IDE

Integrated Development Environment 

The PxPlus IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a project-based development environment that combines all the features of PxPlus and presents them in a modern interface. It is designed to provide application developers with convenient accessibility to all the development, installation and setup tools available in the PxPlus Development Suite.

The PxPlus IDE can be accessed from a Windows platform and from a Web browser.

When PxPlus is installed, two new shortcuts are created:

PxPlus IDE

Launches PxPlus IDE on a Windows platform. See IDE Main Launcher (Windows).

PxPlus Web IDE

Launches PxPlus IDE from a Web browser. See IDE Main Launcher (Web).

The PxPlus IDE Main Launcher includes the following:

The project-based PxPlus IDE uses the current workspaces tables and functionality in IT Editor. Projects can be Private or Public, with each project requiring a working directory. Tasks are launched in the proper working environment based on the working directory for the project. If present, the Start_up program in the working directory will be run prior to launching each task.

Tasks can be project-based or non-project and are driven by the Task and Menu tables. All projects-related tasks must be associated with a project.