Chart Images Generation


PxPlus provides the facility to create images of charts for display on dashboards, on your website, or as part of your application. Chart images (.png, .jpg or .bmp) are generated based on AutoChart definitions associated with PxPlus queries, or they can be generated using your own code in conjunction with PxPlus objects and utilities. The generation of chart images can be scheduled to occur on a timed basis or on-demand.

Generating a chart image involves the following three steps:

1. Define the Contents of the Chart

2. Schedule the Chart Generation

3. Generate the Chart Image


To generate a chart image, certain third-party applications are required:

On Windows Servers:

The Chrome browser is recommended for generating images based on Plus, Google and RGraph charts; however, the Firefox browser (v57 and later) can be used to generate images based on Plus charts.

On Linux Servers:

The Firefox browser (v57 and later) will generate .png images for Plus charts. To generate .jpg and .bmp images, the ImageMagick command line tool must also be installed.

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