NOMADS AutoChart


NOMADS AutoChart allows the user to quickly define simple charts based on the columns of a List Box, Grid or Query, to save the definitions, and to display the charts from the right-click popup menu or Query+ interface.

AutoChart is available as a selection in the List Box and Grid system right-click popup menu. See List Box and Grid System Popup Menu.

AutoCharts can also be accessed on the Query+ interface by using the Charts toolbar button. The Define a chart option invokes the Chart Wizard to walk you through the process to design a new AutoChart. Special public developer definitions can also be defined in the Query Definition. See Defining an AutoChart.

The AutoChart feature is available only to List Boxes, Grids and Query+ displays with more than one column defined.

(NOMADS AutoChart was added in PxPlus v11.00.)

Pie, Bar, Column and Line charts can be defined based on:

Data filters can be applied to exclude rows of data from the chart calculations. Multiple chart definitions can be created for any List Box, Grid or Query+ display.

AutoCharts can be Public or Private. Public chart definitions are available to all, whereas private definitions can only be accessed by the user who created them. A special setup is required to create/edit public chart definitions, which is described in Defining an AutoChart. This allows developers to create public definitions for their applications, which users cannot edit.

(The ability to separate developer and end-user Auto Chart definitions was added in PxPlus 2020.)

A public AutoChart definition can be used to automatically generate and load chart data into a Smart Chart control. For information on defining a Smart Chart control, see Smart Chart Definition.

When selecting an AutoChart to display, the chart is displayed as a concurrent window so that the user may continue to work on the original panel. Only one AutoChart can be displayed per panel at any time. If the contents of the List Box or Grid change, an Auto-Update option in the AutoChart definition can be selected to force the chart to be updated within seconds of the last change. If the Auto-Update option is not selected, a Refresh button allows the user to update the AutoChart when desired.

The appearance of the chart will differ based on the brand of chart selected. PxPlus supports Plus Charts, RGraph Charts, and Google Interactive Charts (using the Google Visualization API), as well as the internal native chart control. See Charting Alternatives in PxPlus.

To add a Chart control using the NOMADS Panel Designer, see Chart Control.

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