Panel Designer 

Using Folder Style


The Folder Style uses a layered file folder format with tabbed sub-panels for displaying and modifying the design properties for the panel header and its components.

To select Folder Style, use one of the following methods:



From the NOMADS Panel Designer

Select Utilities > Folder Style from the menu bar.

From the Library Object Selection

Select Designer > Folder Style from the menu bar before creating a new panel or selecting an existing panel.

The example below shows the Folder Style version of the NOMADS Panel Designer. On the design panel, a button control is selected, and the Button Properties for this control are displayed using the Folder Style (with tabbed sub-panels):

The Menu Bar and Tool Bar options above the work area provide access to Panel Designer functionality. The name of the current project is also displayed.

(The project name display was added in PxPlus 2023.)

The Controls Toolbox to the left of the work area is used to select the tools for adding controls to any panel.

The top heading bar identifies the selected object (panel control type or panel header). For information on defining a panel header and panel controls, see Panel Header and Types of Controls.

The design properties for the selected object are categorized according to the tabbed sub-panels (e.g. Display, Font/Color, Attributes, Logic, User Aid, etc.) These folder tabs may vary slightly depending on the selected object; however, to maintain consistency where applicable, similar naming has been used. The Preview area at the top displays a picture (not to scale) to provide some idea of how the visible properties of the control will look like at run time. The Help button in the top right corner launches the online PxPlus help text for the currently selected object.

When you change one or more design properties and then click OK, the changes are immediately reflected on the panel. When you use the mouse to resize or move a control on the panel, the Column, Height, Line and Width property values are updated.

To reverse any changes, click the Undo tool bar button.

To save any changes, click the Save tool bar button or select Panel > Save from the menu bar; otherwise, close the panel without saving changes.

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