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Panel Bulk Edit Utility


The Panel Bulk Edit utility allows you to change the design properties of two or more selected Panel Controls within the current active panel.

To invoke this utility in the NOMADS Panel Designer, select Utilities > Bulk Edit from the menu bar or click the Bulk Edit tool bar option.

This utility consists of the following:

Controls Selected

Click the drop-down arrow for the names of the controls selected for bulk editing in the current panel.


Lists the property names, grouped into categories. See Property Categories.

Not all properties are applicable to every control. To see which controls are affected by a specific property setting, position the mouse pointer over the property name in the table. A popup message displays a list of all applicable controls. This makes it easier to select the controls that you want to change using this utility.


Displays the current value assigned to a given property.

The method for entering or displaying these values is dependent on the property type. Some fields are intended for entering free-form values; e.g. co-ordinates for Height and Width.

Drop box style cells are identified by a down arrow button, which indicates that pre-set selections are available; e.g. Tab Stop, Initially Disabled, Enable Scrolling, Object Persistence, Implied Decimal, etc.

Query style cells are identified by a three-dotted button. These cells are often associated with more than one field, and clicking the button invokes a separate dialog for entering/changing field values. The dialog that is invoked varies depending on the property. Double clicking inside the cell either invokes the same dialog as the dotted button or allows values to be entered directly into the cell.

The As is option indicates that the current/default setting for a given property will be maintained "as is" for the controls listed in the Controls Selected drop box.

(The ability to double click inside a Query style cell was added in PxPlus 2023.)


Applies the changes to the selected properties.

To reverse the changes, click the Undo button on the Panel Designer toolbar.


Closes the utility without applying any changes.

Property Categories

The properties in the Property column are grouped into categories and sorted alphabetically within each group by default. These categories can be expanded/collapsed by clicking the + (plus) or - (minus) button adjacent to the category name.

By default, the categories are displayed in the following order: Events, Coordinates, Display, Attributes, Colours, Font, User Aids, Other:



Logic that will execute when a particular event occurs (i.e. On Change, On Focus, Post Create).



Coordinates for the Height (in number of lines) and Width (in number of columns) of a control.



Visual display information (i.e. Implied Decimal, Input Format, Input Length).



Control attributes (i.e. Auto Tab Skip, Bitmap Button, Enable Scrolling).



Background and Foreground colours of the control or panel.



Graphic font.


User Aids

Floating Tip, Help Reference, Message Bar text.



Additional control or panel features (i.e. User Tag, Visual Class, iNomads Class).

You can customize the sort order of these property categories and their associated properties. See Change Bulk Edit/Property Sort Order.

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