System Utilities

File View Utility

The File View Utility is used to view, but not modify, the records within a selected data file, along with other details such as the file type, record size, primary key size, current number of records and field information. To modify and update the records in a data file, use the File Update Utility.

To invoke this utility, use one of the following methods:



From System Utilities

In System Utilities, select the file from the list of files displayed for the current working directory or click the Directory Browse button to specify a different pathname. Click the View File toolbar button.

From Data Dictionary Maintenance

Select the file using the Query button. Click the Data toolbar button.

The File View Utility displays the details for the selected file. A grid displays the field names, current data values and field lengths for each record. Use the browse buttons to scroll through the records in the file.

This window consists of the following:


Full pathname of the selected file. Click the file Query button for a list of files in the specified directory.


Primary key for the file. Click the drop-down arrow for a list of key records, if defined. See Defining Keys.

(The key definition information shown in the drop-down list was added in PxPlus 2023.)

(Key Value)

Displays the primary key value of the current record, if available. Click the Query button for a list of records in the selected file or use the Browse buttons to locate a record.

(The Query button was added in PxPlus 2021.)


Type of data file (i.e. Keyed, Serial, Indexed).

Record Size

Maximum size (in bytes) of the data portion of the record.

Primary Key Size

Size of the primary key (in bytes).

Current # of records

Number of total records in the selected file.


Displays the field names, field lengths, and data values for each record in the selected file.

View multiple fields per line

Presents the data records in a list box format.


Expanded View

(Available when "View multiple fields per line" check box is selected)

Button used to view additional details for a selected data record in the list.


Exits the File View Utility.

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