Creating Panel Controls

Multi-Line Control


A Multi-Line control is used for entering one or more lines of text. Depending on the Multi-Line input field, the user will press a function key, Tab or Enter to submit the input.

  If you define a Multi-Line input field as more than one line in height, PxPlus adds scrollbars and applies word wrapping.

  If the input area is only one line high, the Multi-Line input region will not have a vertical scrollbar but will scroll horizontally as required.

  Your application may use a locked and borderless Multi-Line to display text, which can be updated by your program (a dynamic alternative to fonted text).

  A predefined Data Class can also be applied to a Multi-Line control.


Creating a Multi-Line

To draw a new Multi-Line on your panel, select the Multi-Line control tool from the Controls Toolbar. Hold down the left-mouse button and drag the mouse to create a rectangle to the desired size. Release the mouse button to create the new object.

A Multi-Line control can also be created from a data class or a data dictionary element. See Data Class Controls and Data Element Controls.

For making other adjustments, see Modifying Objects.

To define the specific attributes for the new control, see Multi-Line Properties.

For information and examples on the use of dynamic data classes and dynamic control properties, see Dynamic Control Properties.

Loading Data Elements

Once created, values in a Multi-Line are accessible to retrieve or set using the variable with the same name as the control. See Accessing and Manipulating Controls.

Smart Controls can be used to simplify this process by auto-loading data based on query definitions. Use the Auto Load property to set this feature (if activated).

An EZ Load Multi-Line is a Multi-Line that self-loads based on the value of another control or variable associated with its panel. When the value of the other control changes, the EZ Load Multi-Line is re-populated with the associated value.

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