Popup Menu 

Applying a Popup Menu


Popups can be associated with a specific control via the Panel Designer. You can also apply a popup menu to the Panel Header so that right clicking on any blank area on the panel will launch a popup.

To enable a popup menu for a panel control, select the object for editing. If the control supports popups, a Popup Menu design property will be displayed. For example, when creating or editing a Multi-Line control, a Popup Menu button displays at the bottom of the Multi-Line Properties dialogue.

Assign Popup Menu

Select the Popup Menu button to access the Assign Popup Menu dialogue.

This dialogue consists of the following options:

Prior Popup

Logic to process before the popup appears. Click the drop-down arrow for a list of selections:


No logic to be performed. (Default)


Perform a program.


Call a program.


Execute a series of statements separated by ; (semi-colons).

Click the Program Logic button beside the Perform or Call action to launch the default program editor, which is typically the *IT - Integrated Toolkit. To make Ed+ the default program editor, change the setting for the %NOMADS'Program_Editor property to Ed+.

(The ability to set Ed+ as the default program editor was added in PxPlus 2023.)

If a popup menu has been assigned, it can be suppressed under certain conditions by setting the NOMADS IGNORE_POPUP reserved variable to a non-zero value. This can be done in the Prior Popup logic.


To suppress the popup menu in a grid when the bottom row is clicked, set the Prior Popup logic to Execute and enter the following:

     IF id'currentRow=id'rowshigh THEN IGNORE_POPUP=1

(The NOMADS reserved variable IGNORE_POPUP was added in PxPlus 2020.)

Panel or Program

Select Panel to assign an existing popup menu object; otherwise, select Program and enter the absolute or relative path location of a user-supplied program ("program;label"). Either one may be defined as a Fixed value or Expression.


If the Panel button is selected, this field shows the current library. To change the library, click the Browse button to look through the directory structure to find the library.

The Library name may be a specific or generic reference. See Cascading Language Suffixes.


If the Panel button is selected, this field shows the name of the currently selected popup menu. Click the drop-down arrow to select a popup menu from the list.

Click the popup button to launch the Menu Bar Definition dialogue to edit attributes of the currently selected popup. This makes changes to the original popup menu library object. If the popup menu name that is entered does not already exist, a new library object (with P designation) will then be saved in the current library.

When entering a new popup menu object name, valid characters are: letters (A-Z, a-z); numbers (0-9); ~ (tilde); @ (at symbol); . (period); $ (dollar sign); _ (underscore); - (dash); + (plus sign). If an invalid character is used, a message will display.

System Popup

(Available Only for Grids and List Boxes Except for Tree View)

Used to assign a system popup menu. Available selections are Default, On, Off. See List Box and Grid System Popup Menu.