Query Subsystem 

Defining a Query


When defining a query, three basic steps are involved:



Define query characteristics.

The Query Header window is used to define basic file information, display options, font and color selections, and user aids.



Define query contents.

The Query Definition window is used to define the contents of the query by setting up cross-reference files and by defining columns and formulas.



Define criteria for selecting records.

The Query Selection Definition window defines filters for selecting the records to be displayed in the query.

Access the Query Definition window via Library Object Selection. Click the Query button and enter a query name in the Name field (or vice versa depending on the selected View) to create a new query.

You can also select the Query Definition task on the IDE Main Launcher.

(The Query Definition task on the IDE was added in PxPlus 2023 Update 1.)

Query Type

When defining a new query, a prompt displays to select a Query Type, either Standard Query or Query List.

This section provides information on defining a Standard Query:

The Query List is intended for use by Smart controls to auto-load a list of records from a data file or database table into a control:

See Smart Controls for information on using, defining and formatting Smart controls.