Accessing Library Objects from IDE

Accessing Panel Definition from IDE

The Panel Definition task on the IDE Main Launcher is used to invoke the NOMADS Panel Designer for creating or editing a panel.

To select this task, expand the Graphical Application Builder (NOMADS) category on the Menu list. This task opens the New/Existing Panel window, which is used to specify a library and the name of a new or existing panel.

(The Panel Definition task was added in PxPlus 2023 Update 1.)

This task is not available in the PxPlus Web IDE.

This window consists of the following:


Defaults to the Default Library defined for the current project. If a default library was not defined, this will be blank. Enter the name of the library file or click the Query button.


Enter the name of the panel or click the drop-down arrow to select from a list of the existing panels in the library. If the panel name does not exist, you will be able to create the new panel when you click Ok.

When entering a new panel object name, valid characters are: letters (A-Z, a-z); numbers (0-9); ~ (tilde); @ (at symbol); . (period); $ (dollar sign); _ (underscore); - (dash); + (plus sign). If an invalid character is used, a message will display.


Launches NOMADS Panel Designer.

If an existing file maintenance panel was selected, a message will display to ask if you want to open the File Maintenance Generator. Respond Yes to open it. Respond No to open the Panel Designer instead.


Closes the New/Existing Panel window with no further action taken.

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