Resizing and Persistence 

Object Persistence


This feature is similar to Panel Persistence in NOMADS but is used specifically with input-type controls (multi-lines, list boxes, drop boxes and grids). The coordinates and format information for the controls specified will be saved on termination of a panel. The controls are restored to the same size and location along with the new format definition, if applicable, the next time they are created.

The same generic program *winpnl is used. You can also choose to write your own program. For information on *winpnl, see Panel Persistence.

Once Panel Persistence and Resizing Input Controls have been turned On, you need to decide whether you want object persistence set globally or on individual controls. For global activation (at the application level), set the global variable %NOMAD_OBJECT_PERSISTENCE=1.

To activate this feature for individual controls, use the Object Persistence setting (Attributes tab in the Folder Style view) for List Box, Drop Box, Multi-Line or Grid controls. Three options are provided:



Determined by global activation setting.



Object Persistence will always be on for the selected control.



Object Persistence is never set for the selected control.