Menu Bar 

Menu Colors


Color can be applied in two areas of a menu: the left edge portion of the menu itself, and the text background of individual menu entries. In the toolbar of the Menu Bar Definition dialogue, you can set the default colors for the background of the menu item text and the left edge of the menu for when no color is defined for a specific menu entry. See Color Selections.

The color format may be one of the following:

Predefined System Color

Dark Gray, Black, Dark Red, Light Red, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Magenta, Light Magenta, Dark Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Gray, White

Custom RGB Setting

In the format RGB:nnn


n can be 0 to 255. Click on the Color lookup button to select colors from the system color palette or define custom colors.

HTML Hex Color Codes

HTML color codes (search Internet)



User-Defined Color

In the format "Colorn"


n can be 16 to 255. See User Defined Colors.


String expression that evaluates to a color setting, such as a predefined system color, RGB setting, HTML Hex color code, or user defined color.

One of the Special Color Options

System Default is the Windows system color.

Menu Default indicates use of the default color settings for the entire menu.

If no left edge color is defined, the system will apply the text background color (right/text side) to the left edge of the menu. Only the left edge color applies to the entire menu. The text background color can be set on individual menu entries for an item, group or link.

The text background color and left edge color can be set system wide by setting the %NOMADS'Menu_TextBackground_Clr$ and %NOMADS'Menu_LeftEdge_Clr$ properties.

Menu Color can also be set at the library level in the Library Defaults window on the Font/Color tab. The Library Default setting will override the system-wide settings.

If colors are set in the Menu Bar Definition, they will override both the Library and system-wide settings.

Text Background Color settings that are set on individual items, groups or links will override all of the above. See Creating a Menu Item and Group.

(The ability to set text background color and left edge color system wide was added in PxPlus 2017.)