NOMADS Development

Maintaining Library Objects


Once object definitions have been created and saved in a library (by using the Panel Designer, the Query Subsystem or the File Maintenance Generator), several tools are available for maintaining them at the library level.

Below is a list of tools that can be accessed via Library Object Selection. The Compare, Search/Replace and Merge utilities can also be launched directly as menu bar options in the NOMADS Session Manager. This Help section assumes access to these tools via the Library Object Selection window.

No audit trail is available for operations involving the Merge, Search/Replace and Import utilities. If an audit trail is needed, run the Compare utility before starting.

As a precaution, make sure that your backup files are updated before attempting any of the below library-level operations.




Library Compare Utility

Compare panels from within the same library or from two different libraries.

Search/Replace Library Utility

Search and edit a number of panels simultaneously at the library-level.

Merge Panels Utility

Merge the contents of one library into another library.

Export and Import Library Objects Utilities

Convert object definitions to text files, which can then be used for updating and copying multiple objects.

Copying Library Objects

Copy selected objects within the same library or to a different library.

Print Panels Utility

Generate and print a report on the contents of a selected panel.

Query Bulk Edit Utility

Set header options for multiple query objects in a library.

Library Defaults

Assign default attribute settings to be applied to all objects created within the current library.

Visual Class Assignment

Assign visual classes (preset display properties) to selected controls in a library and panel.

Group Assignment

Assign selected controls to a group name for a selected library and panel. This action may be performed at the control level, the panel level, and at the library level.

Library Bulk Edit Utility

Apply changes simultaneously to controls in multiple panels either in a single library or in multiple libraries within a specified directory to standardize the appearance of panel headers and panel controls over an entire library.