System Maintenance Tools

Security Manager


NOMADS incorporates an optional security system using security classifications to identify and control user access to the system. Controls can be set up to allow full access, view-only access, or no access for a specific user class.

This system is maintained through the Security category on the PxPlus IDE Main Launcher (Windows) or PxPlus Web IDE, or through the Security menu in the NOMADS Session Manager.

When setting up security, two key components must be defined:



For defining your system's classes of users (i.e. ADMIN, SALES, MANAGER). This is done by using Security Class Maintenance.



For creating User IDs and assigning security classifications to each user defined. This is done by using User Maintenance.

After identifying your system's classifications and users, you can restrict or allow access to panels and/or controls. See Object Security Definition.

How Does the System Work?

By default, if a panel has no existing object classifications, there is no security, and all users are granted full access. If you assign one or more security classifications, then only those users who are registered in the assigned classifications will have access. NOMADS does not display the control to users who are not registered in an assigned classification.

OAuth2 Web Service Security

OAuth2 security can be added to restrict access to PxPlus Web services. First, OAuth2 clients must be defined using either OAuth2 Client Maintenance or the OAuth2 Clients Object. Next, access is restricted either via NOMADS security on a query or report or by security enabled in Web Services Maintenance. For information on how to access restricted PxPlus Web services, see Access OAuth2 Restricted Web Service.

A Web service with security enabled cannot be used with the dashboard or as an IDE task.

(OAuth2 security was added in PxPlus 2021.)