Designing a Report

Creating the Report Layout


Once the data source is established, the contents and appearance of the report may be specified.

The following links provide information on the report sections, the report layout and the various formatting options:

Help Topic


Report Sections

Describes the sections of a report layout.

Report Header and Trailer

Define optional report header and report trailer sections to add to the beginning or to the end of a report.

Grouping the Data

Define logical data groupings based on sort sequence.

Conditional Detail Groups

Define detail line groups that will have conditions to determine which group will be used to display the contents of a record.

Filler Line

Determine whether a filler line will be included to fill the space between the last detail, group footer or summary line printed and the page footer (or page bottom).

Group Functions

Define group functions, which are calculated values that can be applied at a group level (i.e. totals, averages, etc.).

Editing the Layout

Various functions for editing the report layout.

Selecting Report Elements

Information about selecting data elements for the report layout.


Various formatting options for adjusting column width, row height and individual cells in the report.

Line and Page Advancement

Override normal line advancement by setting consecutive report lines to overlay.

Page advancement can also be controlled when printing a report header/trailer and the control break groups and report summary. It is also possible to force a new page when a particular detail line is printed.

(Line Advancement options were added in PxPlus 2021.)
(The Force New Page option was added in PxPlus 2022.)

Conditional Cell Definition

Define an optional alternate definition for individual cells within the report that will have a condition to determine which definition will be used for display when the report is generated.

Conditional Lines

Define a conditional line that is associated with a condition set to determine whether the line will be displayed or skipped.

Page Setup

Set up margins and paper size, define orientation for reports output to the printer, and set the Scale to fit option if needed.